Fee for bringing employment tribunal claim imposed

The charging of a fee in employment tribunals, under which the “claimant” has to pay an initial fee to issue a claim and a further fee if the claim proceeds to a hearing, is introduced in summer 2013.

The Government states that the aims of the fee system are to ensure that people using employment tribunals contribute to the cost of running the system where they can afford to do so, rather than the full cost being met by the taxpayer, and to encourage people to look for alternatives, such as mediation, before going to the employment tribunal.

There will be two levels of claim:
For level 1 claims, the issue fee is £160 and the hearing fee is £230.
For level 2 claims, the issue fee is £250 and the hearing fee is £950.

Whether a claim attracts level 1 fees or level 2 fees will depend on the type of claim. Level 2 claims are those that are likely to be more complex and take more time to determine. Level 1 claims include unlawful deduction from wages, holiday pay, and redundancy payment claims. Level 2 claims include discrimination, equal pay and unfair dismissal claims.

The Ministry of Justice has said that it will implement employment tribunal fees in summer 2013.  For more information click here.

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